am-bi-ance-ol-o-gy    noun     \am-bee-uh ns-ol-uh-jee\
:the science which determines the mood, character, tone and atmosphere of an environment.


“Through Ambianceology, we create memorable and stunning results that bring a feeling of authenticity and uniqueness to your space! Guaranteed!”


3 R’s of Ambianceology


After years of working as a redesigner and property stylist, I created the trademarked AMBIANCEOLOGY™ methodology. Our client-centric approach coupled with the use of this strategy ensures satisfaction each and every time.

We deliver warm and inviting yet quietly elegant and sophisticated spaces for every lifestyle palette. We choose the decorating style that best reflects your taste and gives your home that specific/unique look that represents you while maintaining a unique touch. Buyers will fall in love with your space and want to make it theirs! Guaranteed!

Our Ambianceology™ methodology simply clarifies each option and guides you in selecting which option will deliver your desired goal!

So, its all about renewal! Newly married, new empty nesters, new blended family, new baby, new apartment/home, or do you just need a new look and feel to your space?? It’s all about starting over and making your space inspiring each and every time you walk through the door. Feeling inspired by your home’s environment is foundational and the cornerstone to loving everything about it. It matters because it’s a reflection of who you are, what you love and what matters the most to you. In addition, it is key to attracting homebuyers for todays’ housing market.

There are 3 R’s – which R is right for you?


Level 1

If you love what you own – maybe it’s time to see it in a different light. Let’s repurpose what you love in ways you’ve never imagined to create the ambiance and the space you’ve been searching for through the use of a customized assessment.   Once approved, we will launch into action.


Level 2

By using the items you already own that reflect your style and focus, we will add new accessories and furniture to your existing repertoire where appropriate, including new paint, etc. to freshen up your space.


Level 3

We will take your home to a whole new level by providing recommendations on flooring, lighting and/or structural changes, etc. as appropriate, to update and redesign your space!