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At Elegantly Appointed Homes, LLC….


“I believe every day at home should feel as comfortable and relaxed as a day at the beach with a touch of elegance! That’s what I call HOME!” – Deborah Scerbo

At Elegantly Appointed Homes, LLC., we partner to achieve the right transformation for your space by creating warm, distinctive and comfortable environments for all style preferences from sophisticated to quaint or modern to country. Whether it is a bathroom or a beach house, we bring a special talent and zeal to the creation of any interior space. Our collaborative client-centric approach ensures our clients are part of the planning process. As a result, we create amazing and unforgettable dream home spaces to enjoy whether you are enjoying living in your home or staging your home to receive the maximum return on your investment!

We KNOW the biggest MISTAKE homeowners and home sellers make is not choosing to collaborate with a redesigner / stager.

Did you know that statistically, homes that are professionally staged, sell 50% faster and for 6-10% more?

Our forte is creating WOW inspired spaces that homeowners will love each and every time they walk through the door and, staging your home with homebuyers in mind that result in faster offers and sales. Everyone who walks through your door will fall in love with your space. We guarantee it!!


One of our cornerstone values is always taking the time to LISTEN to UNDERSTAND what:

  • Inspires YOU
  • What makes YOU unique
  • Who YOU are
  • And want YOU need in a redesigned space

Our job is to carefully listen and partner with you to create the space that YOU have always wanted but have not known how to achieve.

We are dedicated to achieve whatever your vision and desired outcome may be. Be it a new and refreshing change or the sale of your home, we LISTEN to your needs and deliver satisfaction every time. With a wise investment, you can achieve your desired outcome whether that be redesign or property staging.

Our GUARANTEE is to redesign your home for ultimate ambiance satisfaction through our Ambianceologymethodology or stage your property to radiate that “WOW factor” for a faster sale so you can move forward with your life without having to drop your price.

Our greatest achievement is partnering with you to Live Inspired no matter where you live.

So what are you waiting for? Celebrate your space!

Contact us Today at 609-647-3915 or deb@elegantlyappointed.com for an In-Home consultation.

Live Inspired,