So, its all about renewal! Newly married, new empty nesters, new blended family, new baby, new apartment/home, or do you just need a new look and feel to your space?? It’s all about starting over and making your space inspiring each and every time you walk through the door. Feeling inspired by your home’s environment is foundational and the cornerstone to loving everything about it. It matters because it’s a reflection of who you are, what you love and what matters the most to you. In addition, it is key to attracting homebuyers for todays’ housing market.

4 Staging Phases


A site visit  to the space where staging is wanted. This is to determine: site space, desired design goals and to discuss our Ambiancelogy methodology and process. The consultation will determine the contract which may/may not be signed at this site visit.


Customized blueprint map detailing specifications of staging space.  The blueprint will also specify rentals, new purchases or contracting needs (if the client so desires).


This is the phase where the Staging process begins.


Once the home is under contract with a determined DOS (date of sale), we will be responsible for coming into the property and disassembling, retrieving and returning all inventory to rental company.

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Living Room



Family Room


Front of House

Dining Room



Our GUARANTEE is to redesign your home for ultimate ambiance satisfaction through our Ambianceologymethodology or stage your property to radiate that “WOW factor” for a faster sale so you can move forward with your life without having to drop your price.