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am-bi-ance-ol-o-gy   noun  \am-bee-uh ns-ol-uh-jee\

:the science which determines the mood, character, tone and atmosphere of an environment.



  • Reimagine- If you love what you own – maybe it’s time to see it in a different light. Let’s repurpose what you love in ways you’ve never imagined to create the ambiance and the space you’ve been searching for .
  • Refresh- By using the items you already own that reflect your style and focus, we will add new accessories and furniture to your existing repertoire where appropriate, including new paint, etc. to freshen up your space.
  • Reinvent- We will take your home to a whole new level by providing recommendations on flooring, lighting and/or structural changes, etc. as appropriate, to update and redesign your space!

Which "R" is right for YOU?

Through our unique AMBIANCEOLOGY™ methodology, we guarantee we will give you the fastest way to sell and/or be totally reinspired by your home.

Vacant Staging- Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Vacant Staging- Atlantic Highlands, NJ


Consultation is the most crucial step in any given job and is a collaborative partnership between myself and the client. Here is where we meet and listen to my client's needs and help identify a plan of attack for solving YOUR problems and accomplishing YOUR goals. 

We GUARANTEE to Redesign or Stage your home for ultimate ambiance satisfaction through our Ambianceology™ methodology. We LISTEN and deliver satisfaction every time.

photo of a kitchen


Using Ambiancelogy™ methodology and process, which are 4 phases the Consultation phase determines: site space, desired design goals, Blueprinting maps the detailed specifications of space redesign and specified new purchases or contracting needs (if the client so desires), Actualizing is the phase where the redesign process begins, & Reflecting is when the redesigner and client discuss any future changes in the event there are phases to the change.

photo of a kitchen

Staging Vacant & Occupied

In the 4 Staging phases, we incorporate Ambiancelogy™ methodology and process. Consultation with the seller to determine: space, desired design goals, Blueprinting maps out the specifications of the staging area and rentals as needed, and new purchases (if the client desires). Actualizing is the phase where staging is executed, & Disassembling after the home is under contract and we begin retrieving and returning all inventory to the rental company.


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